Extra-Curricular Activities

What’s on offer at Alma Mater?


These activities are mainly offered on a Tuesday and Thursday

Soccer  |  Rugby  |  Cricket  |  Netball

Athletics  |  Cross Country

Swimming  |  Outdoor Gym

Chess (SACSSA as well as government school league participation)


These activities are mainly offered on a Monday and Wednesday

Biennially(every two years) Alma Mater Culture Showcase and Concert/Play

Choir (Junior and Senior)

Minute to Spell It (our own spelling-bee)

Art and Skills Classes

Sport and Culture at Alma Mater International School

It is an unlimited source of inspiration and enjoyment!

Integrated in our Phys Ed; Art; Music and Language Classes; we expand on it in the afternoons, Monday – Thursday from 14:15 – 15:30

By exposing the students to a variety of sport and cultural activities, they soon develop a love for it and it becomes a passion that can be carried throughout their life into their adult years.



Alma Mater International School
Best International Primary – High School
South Africa 2021

Alma Mater International School
Best All-Through Co-Educational Private School
South Africa