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Welcome to Alma Mater International Primary School

Alma Mater International School is a distinguished International School that provides a holistic experience to students and embodies academic excellence. Located in the picturesque Krugersdorp, Johannesburg campus, our school is nestled amidst serene dams and mountains, offering a truly unique and natural environment for children aged 18 months to 18 years to embark on an innovative learning journey.

At Alma Mater, our dedicated educators are passionate about unlocking the full potential of each student through engaging and personalised teaching methods, both inside and outside the classroom. We take immense pride in offering robust curriculum pathways to our day school students, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching educational experience.

What sets us apart is our commitment to a bespoke learning approach that caters to individual needs, complemented by the integration of dedicated Christian values and education. The safety and well-being of our students are paramount, and we uphold excellent safeguarding practices to create a nurturing and secure environment.

With a strong emphasis on delivering the renowned Cambridge International curriculum, recognised worldwide as a gold standard, we
equip our students with the necessary knowledge and skills for success. However, our vision extends beyond academic excellence. We believe in fostering a sense of community and character development, encouraging students to become confident, responsible, reflective, innovative, and engaged individuals.

Spanning across a vast nine-hectare property, our campus offers ample open spaces, fresh air, and a pollution-free environment away from busy roads.

Embracing the sunny South African climate, we utilise the open spaces for outdoor activities and sports, including our popular Fun Run days that provide opportunities for families to participate in park runs, bike rides, or leisurely walks with their loved ones and furry friends in the adjacent park.

Alongside our commitment to academic rigor, we offer a wide range of sporting and cultural activities to enrich our students’ lives, ensuring a well-rounded education that extends beyond the classroom.

Join us at Alma Mater International School and discover a nurturing, inspiring, and transformative educational experience for your child.

Learning Philosophy

An INSPIRED Environment

Develop a lifelong love for learning

At Alma Mater International School, we strive to foster an environment of inspiration that ignites a love for learning in our students. Our dedicated educators create a nurturing atmosphere where curiosity thrives, and creativity is celebrated. We believe in providing stimulating resources, engaging learning materials, and immersive experiences that inspire students to explore, discover, and pursue their passions. By cultivating an inspired environment, we empower students to reach their full potential and develop a lifelong love for learning.


Nurturing a culture of thinking, acting, and learning, we prepare students to become adaptable and lifelong learners

At Alma Mater International School, we place great emphasis on encouraging critical thinking and active learning. We believe that education should go beyond memorisation and rote learning. Our teaching methodologies focus on fostering analytical thinking, problem-solving skills, and the ability to apply knowledge in real-life contexts. Through interactive discussions, hands-on activities, and collaborative projects, we empower students to think critically, ask questions, and actively engage in their own learning journey. By nurturing a culture of thinking, acting, and learning, we prepare students to become adaptable and lifelong learners.


Embracing a Dynamic and Evolving Approach to Education

We embrace a dynamic and evolving approach to education at Alma Mater International School. Our commitment to progressive education means that we stay abreast of the latest research and educational trends to provide students with a forward-thinking learning experience. We integrate innovative teaching methods, technology, and interdisciplinary approaches to ensure that students develop the skills they need to thrive in the modern world. By embracing progressive education, we empower students to become agile thinkers, problem solvers, and responsible global citizens.


Cultivating Physical Fitness and Sporting Excellence

At Alma Mater International School, we recognise the importance of physical fitness and the valuable life lessons that can be learned through sports. We provide a comprehensive sports program that caters to students of all abilities and interests. Through a variety of sports and activities, we cultivate teamwork, discipline, resilience, and leadership skills. Our experienced coaches and state-of-the-art facilities enable students to develop their athletic abilities and strive for sporting excellence. By nurturing sports skills, we promote a healthy lifestyle and instill values that extend far beyond the playing field.


Nurturing Creativity and Cultural Appreciation

At Alma Mater International School, we believe in the transformative power of the arts and cultural experiences. We provide a vibrant program that encourages students to explore their creative potential, express themselves, and develop an appreciation for different art forms. Through visual arts, music, drama, and cultural activities, we nurture imagination, self-expression, and cultural understanding. We celebrate diversity and encourage students to embrace their unique perspectives while fostering an inclusive and collaborative artistic community.

An ACTIVE Community

Fostering Engagement and Collaboration within our Community

At Alma Mater International School, we firmly believe that education transcends the boundaries of the classroom. We are dedicated to fostering an active and vibrant community where students, parents, educators, and the wider community come together in meaningful collaboration. We actively encourage and promote participation in a wide range of school events, extracurricular activities, charity groups and community service projects. Through these opportunities, we create a sense of belonging, mutual respect, and social responsibility among our community members.

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Our school’s commitment to charity and service activities further strengthens the bonds within our community. We actively engage in initiatives that contribute positively to society, cultivating a spirit of empathy, compassion, and active citizenship in our students. By nurturing an environment of engagement and collaboration, our community becomes a thriving hub of learning, friendship, and shared experiences. Together, we create a supportive and inclusive atmosphere that enriches the educational journey of every individual involved.

Why Cambridge?

Find out how we help students around the world become confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged.

Why choose an international school for your child?

At Alma Mater International School, there are numerous compelling reasons to choose an international school education for your child. We are dedicated to creating a supportive and nurturing learning environment where students feel happy, cared for, and motivated to achieve their best. Our focus extends beyond the classroom, aiming to develop confident learners equipped with essential life skills through various enriching experiences.

We have meticulously crafted our own bespoke, creative curriculum, guided by our core values approach of Think, Act, and Learn. We believe that the journey of education begins with a strong foundation, and our curriculum fosters attributes such as confidence, responsibility, reflection, innovation, and engagement. By instilling these qualities, we empower students to navigate the complexities of the modern world successfully.

One of the invaluable benefits of attending Alma Mater International School is the opportunity for students to interact with classmates from diverse backgrounds. Through projects like Global Perspectives, both staff and students gain a deeper understanding of the application of diversity, developing resilience and interpersonal skills that will prove valuable throughout their lives.

Our commitment to small class sizes ensures that each child receives personalised attention, allowing us to quickly identify their unique needs and provide tailored support. With differential teaching approaches, we stimulate children with different requirements, ensuring they thrive within the challenging Cambridge Curriculum.

Located on a picturesque 9-hectare property nestled at the foot of a mountain and dam, our school provides open spaces and fresh air, away from the hustle and bustle of busy roads.

We fully embrace the sunny South African climate, integrating the outdoor environment into our curriculum and sports activities. Families can participate in our exciting Fun Run days, where they can enjoy park runs, bike rides, or leisurely walks with their loved ones and furry friends in the neighbouring park.

In addition to the academic benefits of an international curriculum recognised as a gold standard worldwide, we are committed to enriching our students’ lives beyond academics. We offer a wide range of sporting and cultural activities that enhance their overall development and well-being.

Learn More about CambridgeLearn More about the Pathway

By clicking the “Learn More about Cambridge” button, you can access detailed information about the Cambridge curriculum in a downloadable PDF format provided by Cambridge International.

How do students benefit from Cambridge Pathway?

Cambridge Pathway prepares students for life – helping them to develop an informed curiosity and lasting passion for learning. It helps students develop thinking and learning skills– ready to tackle the demands of tomorrow’s world, capable of shaping a better world for the future. That’s why success with Cambridge opens doors to the world’s best universities – in the US, the UK, Australia, Canada and beyond. It’s what you’d expect from an organisation that is part of the world-leading University of Cambridge.

Courses that challenge and inspire.

How does the Cambridge Pathway work?

When we design our programmes, we start by identifying what a student needs to learn. Students have to demonstrate understanding and the core knowledge of a subject, as well as think critically. Exams are there to recognise, reward and encourage learning. The Cambridge Pathway takes students on a journey through Cambridge Primary, Cambridge Lower Secondary, Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge International AS & A Level. Students can join at any stage. The curriculum in each stage has aims and objectives that support students to become confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged.

These are the attributes of Cambridge learners, Education that becomes a tool for life.

Our Primary School Structure and Pathway


Cambridge Junior Primary

Grade R
Turning 6 years old

Grade 1
Turning 7 years old

Grade 2
Turning 8 years old

Grade 3
Turning 9 years old


Cambridge Senior Primary

Grade 4
Turning 10 years old

Grade 5
Turning 11 years old

Grade 6
Turning 12 years old

Junior High School

Cambridge Lower Secondary

Grade 7
Turning 13 years old

Grade 8
Turning 14 years old

Visit our Junior High and High School
page for more information.

Cambridge Junior Primary School

Grade R
Turning 6 years old

Grade 1 to 3
Turning 7 to 9 years old

Grade R: Building a Strong Foundation

Grade R is a crucial year in a child’s educational journey. The experiences and learning opportunities during this time play a vital role in shaping their academic, social, and potentially occupational futures.

In Reception, our dedicated teachers work diligently to foster positive attitudes towards school and learning. They set clear expectations for children’s behaviour and focus on developing a solid understanding of key concepts, such as reading and mathematics. These skills serve as the building blocks for all future learning, and without a firm foundation, a child’s life chances can be severely limited.

However, the reception year encompasses much more than academic skills. We also prioritise the cultivation of the “characteristics of effective learning” – the fundamental skills and attitudes that help children become lifelong learners. These skills include being open to new experiences, persevering through challenges, generating their own ideas, exploring multiple approaches, taking pride in their achievements, and making connections between their learning.

Throughout the Reception year, the prime areas of learning and development include personal, social, and emotional development; communication and language; and physical development. These areas form the basis for their overall growth and prepare them for future academic success.

Grade 1 - 3: Building Confidence and Academic Skills

Grade 1 to 3 is a critical period for children to develop confidence in all areas of their lives. It is during this stage that their individual learning styles become more apparent, and they experience significant growth across various subjects, particularly mathematics and reading. Their fine motor skills and critical thinking abilities improve, enhancing their writing skills and transforming them into proficient readers.

With the implementation of the Cambridge Primary Curriculum, our students receive a comprehensive education that prepares them for success. English language mastery becomes increasingly important, enabling effective communication and socialisation in various contexts.

Mathematics education goes beyond rote learning and focuses on problem-solving skills, logical reasoning, and the application of knowledge. This equips students with essential skills to tackle challenging real-world situations.

Science education encourages scientific thinking, hypothesis formulation, and understanding cause and effect. Students develop a deeper understanding of the world around them and learn to engage with scientific concepts.

Music education enhances listening and gross motor skills, exposing students to a diverse range of music and rhythms. Physical education promotes physical activity, positively impacting academic achievement and behaviour in the classroom.

Art and Design enable students to express their creativity and explore artistic forms, fostering self-expression and wonderment. ICT (Information and Communication Technology) education equips students with digital literacy skills and empowers them to create, communicate, and share digital content.

Global Perspectives education provides students with a deeper understanding of global affairs and diverse cultures, fostering empathy and appreciation for different ways of life.

Cambridge Senior Primary School

Grades 4 – 6: Fostering Academic Growth

In the Cambridge Senior Primary School, we nurture a sense of competition and strive to leave a lasting legacy of hard work and determination. As our students enter this stage, they begin to engage with more abstract concepts, displaying logical thinking and the ability to seriate (arrange in a series) without trial and error. They develop the capacity to conserve number, mass, and volume, demonstrating a more strategic and methodical approach to problem-solving. This age group also shows increasing competence in adult-style thinking as they advance.

At this stage, our students focus on various key areas:

  • Learning to manage larger workloads
  • Developing a stronger work ethic
  • Becoming more independent and relying less on parental involvement
  • Exploring new ways of learning and embracing different learning strategies

During the tween and teen stage, students also develop strong metacognition skills – the ability to think about their own thinking. They demonstrate abstract thinking and are encouraged to participate in activities that prompt them to reflect on their knowledge and skills, fostering confidence, responsibility, innovation, and engagement.

While teaching children to read is vital in the earlier grades, from Grade 4 onwards, our focus shifts to the concept of “Reading to Learn”. We place exceptional value on reading, recognising the strong correlation between reading ability and exceptional academic results. Research shows that good reading skills have a significant impact across all subjects, including mathematics, English literature, and history.

Reading expands the mind, ignites creativity, improves concentration, enhances vocabulary, and broadens general knowledge. It opens up new worlds of information and plays a crucial role in visual intelligence. Reading comprehension, the ability to understand written passages, is fundamental in understanding the world around us. It serves as a gateway to acquiring knowledge on a wide range of topics.

At Alma Mater, we emphasize the importance of reading with comprehension. We provide our students with dedicated time for improving their reading skills, as we recognise its vital role in their academic success. Skilled reading, writing, and communication are essential for their overall achievements.

Reading is not just a passive activity; it empowers our students to actively engage with information, think critically, and express themselves effectively. Through reading, they gain the tools to give back to their communities and thrive in exams and assessments.

As Alex Quigley said, “Reading is the master skill of secondary school”. Our students have two additional periods per week dedicated to enhancing their reading skills, and we have witnessed the positive results of this focused approach.

At Cambridge Senior Primary School, we foster a love for reading and equip our students with the essential skills to become lifelong learners, empowering them to succeed academically and beyond.

Cambridge Primary Subjects

Cambridge Primary offers a structured educational journey that sets clear learning objectives for each stage of primary education. It helps students develop the necessary skills to succeed in their primary education and progress to the Cambridge Lower Secondary stage.

By following the Cambridge Primary curriculum, our students receive a comprehensive education that nurtures their intellectual, social, and emotional growth, preparing them for future academic endeavours and personal success.


Afrikaans (2nd Language)


Digital Literacy


Art and Design



Global Perspectives

Physical Education



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